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About Continuum

In 2016 Continuum Accounting is celebrating its 10th anniversary under the leadership Edward Angyalosy after the transition from John Havas & Associates that began in 1999.

Continuum Accounting is a Chatswood (NSW) based Accounting Practice. Continuum excels at providing high level business, accounting taxation and auditing services to a broad range of clients. It is the diversification of the client base and the requirements for a comprehensive knowledge base that allows us to think outside of the square.

Continuum’s focus is our clients. We work as a team to provide compliant, timely and accurate work across a broad range of services - business, taxation, management, audit and ASIC.

Contact Us

We love a chat so why not stop by.

Our Office Address is:

Level 1
54 Neridah Street
Chatswood NSW 2067

Tel: 02 9413 1056
Fax: 02 9413 1924


Superannuation and Superstream (less than 20 employees) in force 1/7/16

If you employ less than 20 people you need to get Superstream ready now. The ATO provides information to help you meet your obligations1. Many of the superannuation funds you are contribute may offered their services for your superstream requirements.

Review the options, including those that may be provided by the accounting software provider, and see which one works best for you.

A common request from most of the superstream providers is to pay your SGL 10 days in advance to allow processing and allocation to the superannuation funds.

Don’t forget your SMSF employees. They need to provide you information for their contributions2 which includes:

  • SMSF’s ABN
  • SMSF’s BSB and bank account number for payments
  • an electronic service address for contribution data

Call us for more information on 02 9413 1056.


MyGov account. Is yours set up?

Have you set up your MyGov account? The government has linked all your government accounts including the ATO and Centrelink for sending you mail1. We can’t help set up this account for you, you need to do this yourself. You will need an email address and a mobile telephone number for security numbers and passwords.

As your Tax Agent we receive a copy of your ATO related mail even if it goes to your MyGov account (no paper copies any more). We will let you know by email if you have a letter you need to read.


End of snail mail, Is your email address up to date in our database?

Many of government agencies we report on your behalf to have moved to electronic mail. We are doing the same.

Your client manager should check with you that we have a current email address in our data base. Ideally you will provide an address that you can receive confidential information relating to your tax affairs from us (password protected).

If you want to check we have all your details up to date please ring Alice on 02 9413 1056 and she can check the information we currently have.

Accountants Exemption ending, new regime of Limited Financial Advice starting 1/7/16

In July 2016 we will lose the accountants exemption to provide limited financial advice. We have been preparing ourselves to be ready to transition to the new regulations by undertaking the training required to become certified as limited financial advisers under RG146.

Starting in July 1 2016 we will continue to provide limited financial advise however it will be treated as a separate service as we will be joining a financial advisory group specifically set up to allow accountants to continue to provide this advise (we are not becoming financial planner - so not product advise).

This will mean you will get two invoices from us now - your regular invoices for accounting and taxation services and an invoice from the Financial License Holder for the limited financial advise we provide.

The invoices will be the only change you notice (along with a smart new folder and lots of additional paper work) as we intend that our service remains the same.

SMSF pension payments maximum and minimum amounts

We will be sending out a letter to you for shortly that you need to discuss with your financial planner. We have provided a summary of your possible minimum and maximum drawings based on your current superfund balance, age and legislative entitlement.

We need to let you know this letter shall not be inferred or used for any purpose other than for which it was specifically prepared being to advise you of the ATO published information relating to pension minimum and maximum amounts based on your current superfund balance. Accordingly, this letter includes a disclaimer to this effect. We advise that this is not advice, we recommend any decisions you may make as a result of reading this letter should be done in consultation with your financial planner.

Income Tax Return for 2015 end date coming up fast - 16 May 2016!

Your account manager’s workflow diaries are filling fast with bookings to prepare, review and lodge income tax work for the tax year ending 2015. You should have received a call in work letter by now via email or normal mail (and perhaps even a follow up email and telephone call).

If you have not heard from us please contact our office and arrange an appointment. If you have been contacted don’t delay getting your work in. It is important that you give yourself enough time for your work to be processed by us, reviewed by yourself allowing time for any year end planning before you sign and we lodge.

Please note:

  • If you are late lodging your income tax return you may incur late lodgement and payment penalties with the ATO. Unless there are extenuating circumstances we may not be able to help you have these remitted.
  • The end date of 16/5/16 is not for everyone. Some clients have earlier reporting dates, check with your account manager for your end date.
  • The end date of 16/5/16 is for clients whose work was lodged on time in 2015, if you were late the ATO required you to have lodged by 2/11/15.

Our Tax Calendar

Here is our handy abridged ATO & superannuation lodge and pay calendar for 2016.


SGL Superstream payment today to allow 10 days for processing
SGL payment due today


January PAYGW lodge and pay
BAS October - December self preparer and TA lodge and pay today


February PAYGW lodge and pay


SGL Superstream payment today to allow 10 days for processing
BAS Jan - March self preparer lodge and pay today
SGL payment due today


Income tax returns due for Companies, SMSF, Trusts, Individuals with tax payable
April PAYGW lodge and pay
BAS Jan - March Tax Agent lodgement and pay today
FBT return - Self Preparer lodge and pay today


Individual, partnerships, trusts ATO extended deadline non taxable or credit income returns
SGL Superstream payment today to allow 10 days for processing if you wish to claim in the 2016 year end
May PAYGW lodge and pay today
FBT Tax Agent lodge and pay today
SGL to be included in 2016 year end


SGL Superstream payment today to allow 10 days for processing
June PAYGW lodge and pay
SGL must be paid by today via Superstream for all business
April - June BAS Self Preparer lodge and pay today


PAYG withholding payment summary annual report Self Preparers
PAYGW lodge and pay today
BAS April - June Tax Agent lodge and pay today


August PAYGW lodge and pay today
PAYG withholding payment summary annual report Tax Agent


SGL Superstream payment today to allow 10 days for processing
August PAYGW lodge and pay today
July - September BAS Self Preparer lodge and pay today
SGL payment due today
Income tax return Self Preparer, overdue one or more prior year income tax return


October PAYGW due for lodge and pay today
July - September BAS Tax Agent lodge and pay today


November PAYGW due for lodge and pay today


What services do we provide?

A quick look of some of the things we can do for you. Ask if it's not on the list.

  • ABN applications
  • ASIC agent and registered address
  • Audit
  • BAS/IAS preparation and lodgement
  • Business name registration
  • Business Services
  • Creation of Companies/SMSF/Trusts including updating of relevant deeds
  • Directorships on boards
  • End of year reconciliation (financial and employee related)
  • FBT
  • GST
  • Management Consulting
  • Payroll tax calculations/registrations
  • SMSF services
  • Taxation (national and international)
  • TFN applications